In movies and series there are always scenes in which axes or branches are swung, knives thrown, stabbed or held at the throat, nothing that does not exist. But how do you perform a scene like this safe without someone getting hurt? Quite simply: With the help of special materials we make copies of the originals without to be able to tell the difference, depending on what is needed.

Now its your turn, what is real and what is fake?

Picture 1: Eels

Fun fact: This was needed for the movie “Sisi & Ich” for one of the key scenes. It was booked last minute and from the call to the production to the use on the set we had only 19 hours and was therefore produced in record time.

Picture 2: Gertel

Fun Fact: We were allowed to make these sickles for the Swiss TV series Tatort. One had to be made of foam, so that the fight scene could be staged safely, and the other had to be made of super light but tough material, so that it could then be glued to the actor's head.

Picture 3: Hammer


Picture 1: Left = Real / Right = Fake
Picture 2: Left = Real / Center = Fake / Right = Fake
Picture 3: Left = Fake / Right = Real

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