Movie guns and action props

1291 Productions has one of the largest selection of film weapons in Switzerland and southern Germany in our Film Studio Gun Cabinet. From revolvers, semi-automatic machines to fully automatic machine guns and rifles. Also shotguns, pump guns and sniper rifles.

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Spectacular and safe

"We'd take a bullet for them." But we also know exactly how to fire them, no matter what movie weapon. Our arsenal is unlimited and serves their needs and ideas of deceptively real looking film weapons through the tape. All our film weapons are of course absolutely safe and tested and approved in accordance with current safety regulations.


Originall models, suitable for every scene. If desired with blowback function and suitable ammunition.

General weapons

All other weapons you can imagine, whether it be swords, knives or throwing stars, our inventory offers you a huge selection.

Weapons on request

We would be happy to organize any type of weapon for you. Contact us with your wishes. We advise you which weapon suits which character or scene.


As soon as weapons appear on the set, a gun master is legally indispensable. Our trained weapon masters ensure safety and correct handling in front of and behind the camera at all times.

SEK / Operational equipment

We have various equipment for SEK / task forces. We are also happy to provide staff from 1291 Productions to guarantee the real movement sequences.


We are able to create a suitable replica of any object, be it in foam, rubber, silicone, etc.. So you can represent every scene realistically and safely.


We create any type of breakaways.

Rubber glass

In order not to expose actors and crew to any danger when broken glass occurs, we offer the safest option: Rubber Glass. These shards look very similar to real glass, with the small difference that they are made of rubber and do not cause anypain if falled on.

Vinyl blood pools

If a corpse should lie on the ground for hours and the pool of blood should look the same all day and not smudge? Then our vinyl pools of blood are just what you need. This can be placed anywhere and looks 100% real. These do not stick to any surface and leave no marks. Available in all sizes, from very small blood splatters to large puddles

Weapons coaching for actors

In order to guarantee your characters the correct movement sequences with the respective weapons, we offer weapon coaching, which accompanies you before and during the shoot. And ensure a more natural handling of weapons which may be unfamilar to actors


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