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With an area of 750m2, 1291 Productions Studios are one of the largest film studios in Switzerland and southern Germany. Equipped with a professional make up / hair room, production room, dressing room, 2 toilets, meeting room for your commercials, TV series, feature films etc. In the underground level we have a sound studio and full fabrication workshop.

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Regardless of weather and seasons, we also offer the appropriate working areas in addition to our large area of our film studio, in order to be able to fully supervise your production from start to finish.

Studio 1

- Over 200 marea
- 8.5m ceiling height
- Flat cove
- 1 truck gate
- Greenscreen
- Make-up and hairdressing room
- 2 WC's and washbasins
- Production room with kitchen
- Changing room- Parking spaces with heliport

CHF 900.00 / 1 day
CHF 3600.00 / 5 days

Studio 2

- Over 280m2 area
- 8.5m ceiling height
- 180 degree fuller
- 1 additional truck gate and accessible from both sides
- 6 more remote controlled cranes on the ceiling
- Studios divisible in the middle with soundproof wall

Cost (for both studios)
CHF1700.00 / 1 day
CHF 6800.00 / 5 day


- Included with studio rental
- Largest green screen in Switzerland
- 8x14 meters
- Fixed location (painted wall) / Expandable with our green screen
- Fabric
- Can be covered with black fabric on request

Hair and make up room

- Included in studio rental
- Professionally adjustable mask chairs
- Ideal lighting
- Big mirror
- Plenty of space and storage space


- Included in studio rental
- Window to Studio 1
- Multiple jobs
- Sofa
- Kitchen

Galley (cost extra)

We are happy to provide our gallery for an additional charge
- View over Studio 1 and Studio 2
- Large meeting table

CHF200.00 / 1 day
CHF 800.00 / 5 days

Sound studio

In addition to the picture, the sound is essential for the overall experience. In our sound studio we offer all options for dubbing, dubbing, sound effects and film music.‍

CHF 900.00 / 1 day
CHF 3600.00 / 5 day

Sound Engineer:
CHF 750.00 / 1 day
CHF 3000.00 / 5 day


On request, we will be happy to make our workshop, which is designed for all kinds of materials such as wood, metal and plastic, available to you for an additional charge


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