Cam Car / Techno and more

Our inventory includes various technical supports to achieve the desired image quickly and easily. Be it an electric camera vehicle, the Supertechno 30, a low loader and much more.

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Efficient working thanks to professional equipment

Time is money and the 1291 Productions Team is constantly working on progressing to find more efficient way to get the shot that is needed. The 30ft. Super Techno can save your production valuable time inside the Studio or on practical locations. It can replace time consuming dolly track and create some of the smoothest creative shots. The Cam Car is a time saver as well. If hand held, Steady arm, or remote head. This quick and quiet Camera Vehicle is very stable, agile and operated by our very experienced precision drivers.

Electronic Camera Cart

- Up to 42km/h
- Mounts all around the vehicle
- 5 Seats
- Very quiet
- extremely stable
- suitable for almost all surfaces
- It comes equipped with a tow hitch

CHF 250.00 / 1 Day
CHF 1000.00 / 5 Days

Supertechno 30 (Telescopic Camera Crane)

- Telescopic arm
- Incl. Operator
- 2-axis or 3-axis remote head
- with Remote Z Head
- can be operated with Wheels or Joystick.
- Precision and speed


- For Bicycle and Motorcycle
- Up to 120km/h
- can be pulled by our cam-cart or our full size truck
- very strong and stable

Custom Builds

- Productions on request
- Custom-Fix towing riggs
- safe distance to the camera vehicle
- made of solid steel

Truss Rig

We are happy to provide you with truss for your Projects. Let us know what you need. If required, our trained structural engineers will support you at any time in calculating the shape and size. If you wish, it can be delivered directly to the location and set up by us. Write to us and we will send you a statement of costs.


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