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1291 news · 1291 news · 1291 news · 1291 news ·

Our new action reel!

Finally, the time has come. Our new action reel is out. Lean back and enjoy the action. No matter if Stunts, Special effects or Film Weapons, we are a one stop shop for all your action needs.

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The goal of 1291 Productions is to create engaging and entertaining stories for global audiences at the highest level of filmmaking. Good solid products that make a difference!



1291 Productions and their special effects experts are most expirenced in Switzerland and Southern Germany. From body bullets, rain, wind, from the smallest effect to the biggest pyrofilm explosion , our teams offers you whatevever you need! No challenge is to big and the possibilites are endless.


Movie guns and action props

Including everything from revolvers, semi-automatic to fully automatic machine guns and fifles. 1291 has one of the widest selections of movie guns in Switzerland and South Germany



With an area of 750m2, 1291 Productions Studios are one of the largest film studios in Switzerland and southern Germany. Equipped with a professional make up / hair room, production room, dressing room, 2 toilets, meeting room for your commercials, TV series, feature films etc. In the underground level we have a sound studio and full fabrication workshop.



The fleet of 1291 Productions consists of own production vehicles, costume vehicles and hair & make-up vehicles and is one of the largest in Switzerland and southern Germany.



Here at 1291 we offer a large selection of motion picture cars to rent for your film or commercial. From police cars, to limousines to sport cars.


Who is 1291?

A few facts about us

The biggest stunts and special effects company with its own film studio for Switzerland and southern Germany

1291 Productions GmbH is a stunts and special effects company and also offers the largest film studio in Switzerland. The 1291 team consists of nationally and internationally renowned and award-winning action directors, stunt coordinators, stunt performers and Certified Special Effect (SFX) experts.

Oliver Keller began his professional film career at the age of 16 as a stuntman for the film and television industry in Europe. After gaining acclaim in the European market, he followed his dream of becoming successful in Hollywood. Where the film and television industry began and continues to flourish today. He packed two bags and with his vision and conviction he boarded a plane to Los Angeles.

After successful 21 years in Los Angeles, Oliver Keller returned to Switzerland and founded 1291 Productions GmbH. The 1291 team puts safety first and with a clean safety record is the only stunt and special effects company in Switzerland with a recognized insurance.


Stunts with Pierce Brosnan, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jim Carrey

Shortly after his arrival, his talent was recognized by several top stuntmen and coordinators. They took him under their experienced wings and further trained his already learned craft of stunt work.

With their support and full determination, he worked for the biggest and world-famous blockbusters in the next few years. As a result, he has also been discovered by movie stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Pierce Brosnan, Jim Carrey, Jim Caviezel, Joe Manganiello, Ben Affleck, Sacha Baron Cohen, Scott Bakula, Jon Hamm, Henry Cavill, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Nathan Fillion, Zach Levi, Brandon Routh, Michael Weatherly, and many more Oliver doubled in their films. The actors relied on Oliver's professionalism, competence and work ethic in countless projects.


The foundation of 1291 Productions GmbH

Oliver continued to work his way up the Hollywood career ladder and became one of the most sought after and most respected name in the film and television industry. He was hired by many top productions to coordinate and perform stunts.

In more than two successful decades in Hollywood, he had never forgotten his humble beginnings and roots and decided to return to the European film industry. Particularly in his home country of Switzerland, his aim is to take industry to the next level. Since December 2020, Oliver and his family have returned to Switzerland. Less than a month later, he founded the company 1291 Productions GmbH, which immediately established itself in the Swiss film industry. It has already successfully supported well-known films, series and commercials and has constantly contributed innovative ideas.

With passion and creativity, our stunt department brings every kind of stunt for you at the highest level. Whether film fights, body burns, high work, stunts with horses or glass, in the water, by motorcycle or car, no action is too big for us and no assignment too small.


Movie Vehicles, Movie Weapons and Special Effects - NO limits!

In addition, our special effects department offers controlled rain, fog, fire, body blood hits and bullet hits of any kind, explosions of any size and the fabrication of all props and film weapons required for your project.

You will receive not only the latest and most advanced technology and quality from our team, but also the tremendous experience Oliver learned from some of the biggest legends of the film industry during his time in Hollywood.

The studios of 1291 Productions GmbH consist of two large studio rooms with a total area of 750m2 and 8. 5m high ceilings, make-up / hairdresser room, dressing room, lounge, gallery, kitchen and fully equipped mobile make-up / hairdresser and costume vehicles. The team of 1291 Productions GmbH also offers the experience as a 2nd Unit Director and produces commercials, shows and big action events. We live our motto: "Imagination has NO limits!"


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