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1291 Productions and its special effects experts are leaders in Switzerland and southern Germany. From body shots, rain, wind, snow to the biggest pyro movie explosion, our team offers you everything! No challenge is too big and everything is possible for the perfect film production, commercial or music video!

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What would a film production or commercial be without impressive landscapes, fantastic scenes and endless detonations? Here you will find everything you can imagine or have never dared to dream of.


Movie explosions of all shapes and sizes depending on the location, different materials are used to achive the maximum effect for your action scene.

Real fire simulation

From vehicles to buildings or any other situations where flames are needed we have all sizes just at push of a button, safe and controlled at all times.

Bullet holes

Shooting effects with blood splatter, bullets shot on walls, ground bullets, car bullet holes through sheet metal or windshield and much more.


We have all the equiptment for your shoot from light drizzles to a heavy downpour.


It can be haze, wafts of fog, or very dense fog.


We offer a variety of wind machines from small breezes to wind up to 70km/h


We have snow decoration and snowfall with real looking snow.

And much more!

We are happy to create all your ideas and wishes!


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